Alva10 announces partnership with Diaceutics joining DXRX platform to focus on value based reimbursement for diagnostics to increase utilization and access for targeted therapies

Alva10 partners with Diaceutics, joining DXRX platform to drive for value-based reimbursement models for the US



Alzheimer Breakthrough Disillusionment: Confusion on FDA’s Approval of Expensive and Possibly Ineffective Drug

Lena Chaihorsky discusses how to align incentives and develop tests that payers want to pay for. Check out the Video HERE

December 15th 12-1:30 PT, December 17th 10-11:30 PT, and December 18th 10-11:30 PT

Illumina Payer Summit

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Our VP of Payer Innovation Lena Chairhorsky spoke on a panel discussing reimbursement models for gene and cell therapies, and how diagnostics could be instrumental in proving their value and creating a sustainable model that allows developers and patients to be successful. Full agenda HERE

Wednesday December 9, 2020

INVEST Precision Medicine



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The pandemic has made everyone realize the importance of diagnostics in healthcare, but 8 months into the pandemic, we still lack the diagnostics we need to best manage Covid-19. How can we incentivize the development of the diagnostics we need to find disease, determine risk, and assess immunity? What are the regulatory barriers, and how can they be overcome? Who pays for these tests? What can we learn from Covid-19 for the next pandemic?

Diagnostics for Covid

How to Get What We Need

Diagnostic tests can be well validated, accepted in guidelines, and even reimbursed, yet they still don’t impact patient care. Why? Improper use, lack of physician understanding & support, lack of inclusion in coverage policies, inability to track all contribute to losing the potential impact of critical diagnostic tools. Software that highlights & streamlines decision making and provides information at the point of care allows for more efficient precision delivery of these tools.

Precision Medicine usually connotes use of diagnostics and other tools to optimize care in oncology, but really we should be considering development and use of these tools in every disease area. We will discuss the challenges around development and commercialization of Precision Medicine diagnostics for use in stroke and autoimmune diseases.

Hannah Mamuszka & Satabhisa Mukhopadhyay PhD, MS, Chief Scientific Officer & Founder, 4D Path discuss the potential for digital pathology to supplant IHC, PCR, FISH, & NGS in oncology, dramatically reducing cost & increasing patient access.

What is the potential for

Precision Medicine Outside of Oncolocy?

Precision Diagnostics 4D Path

Is it Possible to Obviate the Need for NGS Panels in Oncology with a Digital Solution?

How can Software Enable 

Diagnostics to Impact Patient Care?

October 2019— Hannah Mamuszka, CEO, Alva10 on Rethinking the Companion Diagnostic Deal Structure to Benefit All Stakeholders

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Companion Diagnostics are Bad for Diagnostic Companies


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